Understanding the "Outstanding" projects of SMI, be it for professionals, dignitaries and politicians is about understanding the concept of branding outside the traditional perceptions between good, better and best. It is not about being number 1 nor is it about the amounts of monies accumulated. Simply put; branding is the consistent delivery of the brand promise generating integrity making it the brand.

Outstanding is how we at SMI brand the Professionals who have been into this publication.

SMI celebrates and places center stage the successes of our "Outstanding" leaders. You may know of some of their work, their aspirations and contributions to their offices. If not, SMI documents them. Perceptions may become truths, but these photographs and presentation of facts are uncontestable. The multiple political offices are public services and the mandate authorizes the responsibility to deliver perceived services. Few show gratitude for the services. As a small gesture, SMI hopes these awards will show at least a modicum of gratitude to the gentlemen and women who serve the people. SMI takes pride in fulfilling the dreams, the aspirations, and the successes of these participants towards nation building. Kudos.

The country's Professionals are an crucial, integral part of nation building. They are an important part of the private sector and, without their contributions, we would suffer a ship without its captain to steer us across the open seas of competition. Without them, we might very well lose out on lifetime opportunities to move the country forward. Lamentably, the public takes for granted their successes while depending on them for employment and innovations, while much of the time, their dictums and recommendations spawn everyone's prosperity.

We celebrate the awardees and place center stage its participants!